AcidBurn - Overdrive

Acid Burn is a new original overdrive design. It has 4 knobs: Volume, Gain, Tone, and Lean/Fat. It is very low noise with a unique soft clipping circuit and high output signal that produces a warm and powerful tone. It can be used on both clean and dirty amp channels to achieve different effects. The Lean/Fat knob allows you to adjust the character from thin to muddy making it easy to get the right tone with different pickups. On the clean channel it can go from all-clean to all-distorted giving you a power-stage distortion feel. You can also dial in a nice crunch. It is very dynamic and reacts nicely to your picking. It cleans up perfectly with the guitar volume knob even at the highest gain setting. It has a nice ring with single coil pickups and a fully-compressed punch with humbuckers. On the dirty channel it can go from clean-boost to full overdrive thanks to its high output signal and very low noise. It can be used to tighten your rhythm tone or to add gain and sustain to you lead. It stacks well with other pedals including fuzz and overdrive and allows you to clean and sharpen the tone or to fatten to low end. Multiple Acid Burns can be stacked together as well. True bypass is achieved with a relay controlled by a quiet momentary switch. Powered by a 9V battery (not included) or a center-negative Boss-style power supply (not included). The pedal is housed in a sturdy powder coated metal enclosure with a smooth orange finish.

It is built by hand in USA with love.